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If you are shipping jobs to AZ, CA*, FL, IL, NJ, OH or TX, we need your resale certificate, so you are not charged tax. [LINK]

*If you will be shipping jobs to California, please send us a BOE230 form to not get charged tax.

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Production Tools

  Check Your Status

  Production Templates

  Specifications for Rich Black

  Flash Upload Quick Guide

4over’s CMYK Print Engine Drivers • Discontinued

Effective June 1, 2013, 4over is no longer able to support the CMYK PDF Print Engine. For your print ready PDF files, please visit our Con4rm site or you can download our Save As PDF Preset tool.

Debugging Tools

  Customer Browser test: Use this link to find out what browser a customer has; it can help us debug system-specific issues on our web site.

Training Videos

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  File Setup; General
  Proper setup of Bleed
  Set your Resolution Right
  Understanding Color Modes
  Handling Text
  How to Orient your Objects
  Proper use of Pantone Colors
  Overprint: a primer
How to Specify Silver from 4over
  Masks for Spot UV
  Set up a Fold-Over Business Card