Understanding 4over Production Steps:

The table below is provided to help you understand where each step is in the production process.

Issue Pre-Press Printing Post-Press Delivery
 Awaiting Artwork: We have not received the artwork files for this job

 Awaiting Preview Approval: Preview(s) for your job have been created and emailed to you for approval. Not all jobs receive previews

 On Hold: There is a problem with your art files or we are waiting on approval/action from you. The accompanying description will explain more.

 Status Adjustment: Your job is progressing normally, but the status is being adjusted

 Quality Control Reprint: Your job is being reprinted, due to a quality issue

 Reprint: Your job is being reprinted

 Discarded: Your job has been discarded, per your request.

 Canceled: Your job has been canceled.
 New: the job is received

 Pre-Flight: Your job is being checked for errors

 Batch Staging: Your job is being prepared for imposition

 Batch Imposition: Your job is in imposition. Your job is being prepared to be batched for print.

 Pre-Press: Your job is prepared to be plated
 Plated: Your job has been etched onto Printing Plates

 On Press: Your job is being printed
 UV Coating: Your job is in the coating process

 Cutting: Your job is in our cutting dept.

 Finishing: Your job is in the finishing dept.

 Bindery: Your job is in the bindery dept.

 Bindery Complete: Your job's bindery is complete.

 Mailing: Your mailing job is in the mailing dept.

 Mailing Addressing: Your mailing job is being addressed
 Packaging: Your job is being packaged

 Delivery Pending: Your job is being prepared for delivery

 On Pallet for Delivery: Your job is on a pallet, prepared for delivery

 Out for Local Delivery: Your job is on the truck ready for delivery

 Delivered: Your job has been delivered

 Pickup Staging: Your job is being prepared for pickup, but is not ready

 OK to Pickup: Your job is now ready for pickup

 Picked Up: Your job has been picked up

 Mailed: Your mailing job has been mailed

 Shipped: Your job has shipped. It may take up to 24 hours before tracking status is available from UPS.

 Complete: Your job is complete